Please Note: This is a nightly development snapshot and may be subject to both change and errors.

Semantic Web Graph Browsing Tool

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  • Firefox, Opera, WebKit (Safari, Chrome)

Known Problems


Force-Directed Graph Library

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  • Web Browser with DOM Level 2 and SVG Support

    Known compatible Browsers

    • Firefox
    • WebKit (Safari Development Build)*
    • Opera (9.10)

    Known incompatible Browsers

    Microsoft Internet Explorer (6 & 7)
    IE cannot handle the application/xhtml+xml mime type, the valid xml mingling of SVG and xhtml, and SVG only through a plug-in.
    Fails due to unknown attributes.

Known Bugs

  • * WebKit doesn't seem to understand 'width: 100%;', so the width and height have been fixed to pixels.
  • * Dragging nodes with WebKit does not work. The mousemove event on the svg element does not appear to happen unless the mouse is moving over a shape.