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Common questions

Is browser X supported?
Firefox, WebKit (Safari Development Build) and Opera (9.10) are known to work. For other browsers it will depend on the level of standards compliance and SVG implementation.
I have added a document, but inspecting the URI of the document does not display any information. Why is this?
This will be the case if the knowledge base does not contain any information about the URI from which the document was retrieved. This is usually because the document does not assert any such triples (see rdf:about="").

Either manually add or inspect a URI which is mentioned in the document, or if the document can be accessed via a redirection whose URI is mentioned in the document, add that URI instead of the document.

At some point this might be addressed by listing URIs mentioned in the document in the document inspection view.
How can I load local files?
Currently this isn't possible, however it may be added in the future.